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1. After you.你先請。


(好像現在女士不愿意你這么做,特別是那些女權主義者,我還記得這么一段話:一個女士對一個讓她先行的男士說:You do this because I am a woman? 那個男士回答說:I do this not because you are a woman but because I am a man! I love this guy!

2. I just couldn't help it.我就是忍不住。


I was deeply moved by the film and I cried and cried. I just couldn't help it.

3. Don't take it to heart. 別往心里去,別為此而憂慮傷神。


This test isn't that important. Don't take it to heart. 安慰人的超級句子。

4. We'd better be off.我們該走了。

It's getting late. We'd better be off.

5. Let's face it. 面對現實吧。


參考例句:I know it's a difficult situation. Let's face it, ok?


但是犯了錯誤,你必須面對他,Let's face it?;蛘呤牵篖et's face the music.

6. Let's get started.咱們開始干吧。

勸導別人時說:Don't just talk. Let's get started.

Let's get started.

Let's start.

Let's do it right now.

Let's hit sth.

Let's rock&roll.

Let's put our hands on sth.

7. I'm really dead.我真要累死了。

坦誠自己的感受時說:After all that work, I'm really dead.

8. I've done my best.我已盡力了。

這句話,很有用,失敗有時難免,但是你要是可以說,I've done my best. I spare no efforts。就不必遺憾,畢竟,Man supposes,god disposes.

9. Is that so? 真是那樣嗎?


10. Don't play games with me!別跟我?;ㄕ?!

11. I don't know for sure.我不確切知道。

Sranger: Could you tell me how to get to the town hall?

Tom: I don't know for sure. Maybe you could ask the policeman over there.

12. I'm not going to kid you.我不是跟你開玩笑的。

Karin: You quit the job? You are kidding.

Jack: I'm not going to kid you. i'm serious.

13. That's something. 太好了,太棒了。

A: I'm granted a full scholarship for this semester.

B: Congratulations. That's something.

14. Brilliant idea!這主意真棒!這主意真高明!

15. Do you really mean it? 此話當真?

Michael: Whenever you are short of money, just come to me.

David: Do you really mean it?

16. You are a great help.你幫了大忙。

17. I couldn't be more sure. 我非常確定。

18. I am behind you.我支持你。

Whatever decision you're going to make, I am behind you.

19. I'm broke.我身無分文。

I am penniless.

20. Mind you!請注意!聽著!(也可僅用mind。)

例句:Mind you! He's a very nice fellow though bad-tempered.

21. You can count on it.你盡管相信好了,盡管放心。

A: Do you think he will come to my birthday party?

B: You can count on it.

22. I never liked it anyway.我一直不太喜歡這東西。


Oh, don't worry. I'm thinking of buying a new one. I never liked it anyway.

23. That depends.看情況再說。 (on sth)

例:I may go to the airport to meet her. but that depends.

24. Congratulations.恭喜你,祝賀你。

25. Thanks anyway.無論如何我還是得謝謝你。


26. It's a deal.一言為定。

Harry: Haven't seen you for ages. Let's have a get-together next week.

Jenny: It's a deal

電影里經常聽到,It's a deal, That is a good deal.或是兩個人打算達成某個協議或是做成某個生意會說:Deal? Deal!