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1. I've joined a club where I can play chess.

(become a member of a club)

2. I live in a one-parent family / single-parent family.

(a family where the children live with only one parent)

3. I really enjoy my family life.

(the way a familiy lives)

4. I come from a big family of eight children.

(the group of people who are related to you)

5. I grew up knowing that my elder brother would take over the family business one day.

(the job your parents and probably your grandparents used to do)

6. I like photography.

(the skill or process of taking photographs)

7. I'm mad about DIY. I think this is a very good hobby for people who have a house but don't have much money.

(do it yourself; the activity of making and repairing things yourself around your home)

8. I took up golf when I was at school.

(to start a hobby for the first time)

9. A lot of people / homeless sleep rough / live rough in cardboard boxes.

(you sleep outside because you have no home)

10. The families were evicted for not paying the rent.

(to force a person to leave the building or land where they live)

11. We're moving house next week.

(you go and live in another house)

12. I usually go jogging two or three times a week.

(run slow y, especially as a form of exercise)

13.I am sweating like a pig, and I'm not doing anything.

14.Let's stay at home; you could fry eggs on the sidewalk.

15. In winter, I do quite a lot of skiing.

(in English you normally do a lot of / a bit of sport)

16. In summer, I play tennis and cricket.

(in English you normally play a game)