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  1. Taa metallic coatings - thioacetamide corrosion test taa test
  2. Taa metallic coatings . thioacetamide corrosion test taa test
  3. I am a book worm works by yuan chin - taa
  4. Technical application architecture ( taa ) defines how software is constructed by responsibilities and provides a clear separation between the layers in your system
  5. Sv40 polya signal and two loxp sites was added consecutively after the termination codon taa , and then a gfp gene was inserted between the two loxp sites
    在三個終止密碼子taa之后,連上sv40polya 。 sv40polya之后,又連上兩個loxp位點。在兩個loxp位點,插入標記基因gfp 。
  6. It's difficult to find taa in a sentence. 用taa造句挺難的
  7. A late baculoviral transcription initiation motif ataag was found 65 nt upstream of the putative translational start site and a polyadenylation signal aataaa was identified 14 nt downstream of the taa stop codon
    在其起始密碼子上游- 65nt發現桿狀病毒晚期啟動子轉錄起始信號ataag ,在其終止密碼子下游- 14nt發現polya加尾信號aataaa 。
  8. Pcr method was used to identify candidate ms 188 . sequence analysis indicated that a point mutation occurred in the second exon of the atmyb103 gene in male sterile mutant with caa ( gln ) replaced by a stop codon taa
    利用pcr的方法從突變體中擴增atmyb103基因并進行序列分析,結果表明突變體中atmyb103基因第二個外顯子上發生了點突變,由原來編碼谷氨酰胺的caa密碼子突變為終止密碼子taa 。
  9. To date , there are few successful cases in the immunotherapy of cancer patients . the reasons for this have been the limited availability of tumor - associated antigens ( taa ) and the inability to deliver such antigens in a manner that renders them immunogenic and activates t cell responses in patients with cancer
    樹突狀細胞( dendriticcells , dc )是抗原提呈細胞( antigenpresentingcells , apc )的一個特殊群體,雖然在體內數量很少,但其分布十分廣泛,是體內功能最強大的apc 。


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