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  • In this wacky - looking house that could only belong to goofy , kids can literally bounce off the walls and furniture for a jumping good time
  • It s fast . it s zany and it s wacky . with this computer animation and the motion - simulated seats you ll swim , fly and flutter and have a unique ocean park experience
  • Sooty was joined in the ranks of the world ' s weirdest and wackiest achievers by briton paul hunn who scooped the record for the world ' s largest burp
  • Santa cruz , calif . - only a third of 911 calls for help are actual emergencies , according to dispatchers who say some of the calls are simply wacky
  • Alongside the formal events and religious ceremonies , there will be numerous fun and wacky activities held in villages , towns and cities throughout britain and northern ireland
  • People all over the country are donning red noses and taking part in wacky fundraising events for the 11th annual red nose day , with the money going to help disadvantaged people in africa and britain
  • Street boy hsiao hao which means little monkey convinces chen to teach him monkey kung - fu to avenge his shame . the training sequences and finale fight are as entertaining as they are wacky
  • The flying karamazov brothers are full of weird and wonderful ideas that tickle your funny bone . with their incredible juggling and wacky humour , they are determined to turn the stage upside down
  • Again focuses on adventures of lung wai ronald cheng and his buddies . the three wacky cops , while enjoying their vacation in a quiet village on an outlying island , accidentally mess up a special operation by the sdu squad , hunting down an important criminal . the village s guardian , a goddess statue , also gets stolen
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