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w and w中文是什么意思

用"w and w"造句"w and w"怎么讀"w and w" in a sentence
  • W and W,=
    Wash and Wear 【織】洗了就可穿;免燙。
  • The unstable solid solution would disintegrate and transform into carbide phases in these systems of sisocso , tisocso and zrsocso , based on the increase of free energy introduced by the effect mechanical alloying . for the system of wsocso , the solid solution had not transformed into tungsten carbides but an amorphous phase , which was different from those systems . the exist of fe in these experiments , which came from the abrasion of ball - milling tool because of the higher hardness of w and w - c solid solution , would induce the crystalline - to - amorphous phase transformation during milling
    C50球磨體系中,繼續球磨時,不穩定的固溶體在機械合金化作用下,由于體系能量提高,會發生分解相變,從而可以形成碳化物;對于w扣c50球磨體系, w ? c固溶體具有較高的硬度,磨削不銹鋼質的球磨介質和球磨容器,而引入雜質,其中fe會促使固溶體向非晶相轉變。
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