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  • n.
    〔蘇格蘭語〕 悲哀,苦惱,憂傷 (= woe )。
  • Oh , now she was wae to go
  • Cells in the central nerous system tend to communicate with each other ia a wae of electrical signals that trael along neurons
  • All subjects underwent spirometry , measurement of aortic pulse wae elocity ( pw ) and augmentation index , dual - energy x - ray absorptiometry , and blood sampling for inflammatory mediators
    所有受試對象都進行肺活量測定、主動脈脈搏波速( pw )和增強指數測量、雙能x -線吸收儀檢查,以及炎癥介質血樣檢測。
  • On the basis of detail description of wap 2 . 0 wae specification , the author comes up with the requirements of implementation of the new micro browser conforming to the new specification
    在詳細的闡述wap2 . 0wae協議的基礎上,提出了開發符合wap2 . 0規范的微瀏覽器ttg2 . 0需求說明,闡明了開發的重點和難點。
  • At different time , the environment around wap has different characteristics , thus wap does as well . and we can see the difference in the wae specifications , technologies and methods of implementation
    在不同時期, wap置身的環境具有不同的特點, wap協議也就具有不同的技術特性,這些“不同”也反映到了wae的技術規范及其設計、實現所采用的技術和方法上。
  • Wap is continuously evolving and converging with existing internet technologies to match the current and emerging wireless information service requirements . as an important component of wap , wae is changing as well
    Wap協議在不斷的進化和融合現有的internet技術以適應當前和將來無線數據信息服務的新要求, wae作為wap協議中的重要組成部分也發生著重大變化。
  • The top layer of wap remains to be the application layer . wae ( wireless application environment ) defines a series of services that can operate on wap equipment , and ensures that these services fit well the wap model and are supported by other parts of wap
    Wap的最高層仍然是應用層, wae ( wirelessapplicationenvironment )定義了一系列可以運行在wap設備上的業務,確保這種業務能很好地適用于wap模型并被wap的其它部分所支持。
  • The session layer uses wsp ( wireless session protocol ) and provides two session services for the wae layer with known interfaces . these services refer to connection - based service from the wtp layer to ensure data transmission and connectionless service , not to ensure data transmission
    會話層采用wsp ( wirelesssessionprotocol ) ,使用已知的接口為wae層提供兩種會話服務:來自于wtp層的基于連接的服務以確保數據傳輸;以及不確保數據傳輸的無連接服務。
  • The goal of the wae micro browser is to converge the http with wsp protocol stack , and supports many kinds of uri schemes , and adopts xml parser to parse the pages written in xhtml basic , wml , chtml , etc . the browser implements an efficient dom api . and it provides security support to protect the privacy of the end users and the information transmitted through the network . by the way , it adopts css , script and vm to enhance the presentation of the markup languages
    0瀏覽器的實現是以原有無線通信協議集成http協議,支持多種url解析;使用xml語言技術解析如: xhtmlbasic 、 wml 、 chtml等多種標記語言編寫的頁面;設計實現高效的dom接口;并且集成網絡安全技術,使得個人信息可以安全的在網絡上安全的傳送;電子科技大學研究生學位論文采用css 、腳本語言和虛擬機技術增強標記語言的表現力。
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