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  • WAF = Women in the Air Force 〔美國〕空軍婦女隊。
  • Wideband ambiguity function ( waf ) is the powerful tool to analyze the wideband signal , and it is also coherent to cwt
  • Wrap around fin ( waf ) is used very widely on weapons in modern times due to its advantages of saving room 、 being convenient for packing and so on
  • The basic theory of wideband signal processing is discussed and presented . the coherence among cwt , wcp and waf is pointed out emphatically
  • In this article , it gives a brief introduction of j2ee platform and existing frame at first , and next it introduces a new frame named unionplatform
    本文首先對j2ee平臺中的waf和struts兩種框架技術進行分析,并在此基礎上提出了一種新的框架技術unionplatform 。
  • Unionplatform frame integrates the advantages of two frame struts and waf . it provides agile procedure to web tier , and also to the ejb tier that has the complex operation
  • The flying stability of the unguided projectile with wrap around fins could be influenced by the self - induced rolling characteristics and the cross coupling effects of the waf badly . it is necessary to study further on this special aerodynamic problems
  • 2 . the transonic flow field solutions of a ttcp standard waf - body combinations are computed using the software of cfd , the results are agreement with experiment dates , this verifies that the accuracy of the numerical simulation model is ensured
    2 .應用cfd軟件對某ttcp標準卷弧翼-身組合體跨聲速下流場進行數值計算,將計算結果與文獻試驗結果進行對比,驗證本文數值計算模型。
  • And the resemblance is pointed out between continuous wavelet transform ( cwt ) and waf . in the course of computing waf , the scaling replica is very important . based on the properties of cwt , three approaches have been proposed for the scaling of a wavelet that has no analytic form
    詳細闡述了寬帶信號及系統的三個條件、寬帶系統的回波模型和寬帶模糊度函數的概念,指出了連續小波變換( cwt )與寬帶模糊度函數的驚人相似之處。
  • 3 . the static aerodynamic characteristics of the projectile are computed using the software of cfd , the results of the numerical simulation are agreement with the engineering calculation , this verifies that the results of the static aerodynamic characteristics of waf from engineering calculation are satisfactory
    3 .應用cfd軟件對彈靜態氣動特性進行數值計算,數值計算結果與工程估算結果吻合較好,說明卷弧翼的靜態氣動特性可以通過平板翼進行估算。
  • The system is composed of a web tier building under the struts framework and a business tier building under the struts waf . the two tiers are used together to achieve the system function . after that , it introduces how to use unionplatform to develop the application system
    然后結合個性化回鈴音業務系統( crbt )的門戶系統,詳細探討了如何使用unionplatform框架來開發易于維護和易擴展的企業web應用系統,并就如何在unionplatform框架的基礎進行擴展,開發自己的應用項目等關鍵技術進行了深入的研究。
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