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jacinta myers造句

  • Jacinta Myers ( Caroline Morgan ) frames Lance for printing caricatures of Susan Kennedy ( Jackie Woodburne ), resulting in Lance's suspension.
  • However, Anne and Caitlin remain friends and play a trick on bully Jacinta Myers ( Caroline Morgan ) during the Erinsborough High Swim Carnival by switching places, which fools Jacinta into thinking she is initially racing weaker swimmer Anne, when in fact she is up against Caitlin who bests her in the event.
  • When Jacinta Myers ( Caroline Morgan ), one of Amy's friends, frames Lance for putting a caricature of Susan Kennedy ( Jackie Woodburne ) in the school paper, resulting in Lance being suspended, Amy and Toadfish Rebecchi ( Ryan Moloney ) come up with a plan to clear Lance's name by tricking Jacinta into confessing.
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