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jacinta stapleton造句

  • Constable Christina Dichiera ( Jacinta Stapleton ) joined the unit in season six.
  • Amy Greenwood ( Jacinta Stapleton ) shows an interest in Lance and he is thrilled.
  • Anne runs for School captain alongside one of her closest friends, Amy Greenwood ( Jacinta Stapleton ), who is Lance's girlfriend.
  • Guest actors for season thirteen included Roy Billing, Jacinta Stapleton, Elly Varrenti, Marcus Graham, Ian Roberts, Bernard Curry, Kane Alexander,
  • Caitlin notices how much Anne's twin brother, Lance ( Andrew Bibby ) is missing Amy Greenwood ( Jacinta Stapleton ) as his girlfriend, she hatches a plan to help Lance win her back.
  • So two new characters were added, played by Daniel Frederiksen and Jacinta Stapleton, and, John Wild said, " and the ratings still didn't change one point ! " Channel Nine insisted that still more star power was needed to lift the ratings, so Lisa Chappell ( Logie winning " McLeod's Daughters " star ) joined the cast.
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