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jacintha buddicom造句

  • Jacintha Buddicom recalls him around the age of twelve at Shiplake and Henley when he kept a collection in an album.
  • On Orwell's claimed state of misery, Jacintha Buddicom, who knew him well at the time, also raised a strong challenge.
  • Wellington was " beastly ", Orwell told his childhood friend Jacintha Buddicom, but he said he was " interested and happy " at Eton.
  • Orwell told Jacintha Buddicom that he would write a novel stylistically like " A Modern Utopia " ( 1905 ) by H . G . Wells.
  • He was writing to many of his friends, including Jacintha Buddicom, who had " rediscovered " him, and in March 1949, was visited by Celia Kirwan.
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