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jack tanner造句

  • As the older and wiser Jack Tanner puts it, " There are no moral victories in politics.
  • Acclaimed director Robert Altman led the crew following Alex Tanner, daughter of 1988 Democratic contender Jack Tanner.
  • So why were so many bigwigs at the Democratic convention in Boston running over each other to see Jack Tanner?
  • Finally, Wills agreed to resign in order to end the dispute and was replaced by Jack Tanner of the Hammersmith Engineers.
  • Altman said that in the updated " Tanner'88, " Jack Tanner will be offered an important post in a John Kerry administration.
  • In this role, he was a close ally of Jack Tanner and used his influence to oppose the left-wing of the union movement.
  • Michael Murphy played make-believe presidential candidate Jack Tanner, hitting the campaign trail with daughter Alex ( Nixon, pre-" Sex and the City " fame ).
  • When Jack Tanner ( Michael Murphy ) was first introduced, in HBO's " Tanner'88 " ( now on DVD ), he was running for president.
  • In 2015, London's National Theatre staged a production, with the " hell " sequence included, directed by Simon Godwin and starring Ralph Fiennes as Jack Tanner.
  • He'd be referring to Don Reilly, the actor whose interpretation of Jack Tanner / Don Juan invigorates the nearly century-old play with panache and derring-do.
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  • So Jack Tanner, who played on a state championship team in high school in Tacoma, could scuff around on the dusty baseball diamonds of Bakersfield, Calif ., but that was it.
  • Craig accidentally filmed LAPD Detective Ethan, Mad Dog, Dimitri, Bayback, Deason, and Jack Tanner ( a friend of Mooney's ) robbing and murdering drug dealer, revealing that they are dirty cops.
  • A partner in the firm of Gordon, Thomas, Honeywell, Leighton was nominated in April 1992 by President Bush to a federal district court seat in Tacoma, previously held by U . S . District Judge Jack Tanner.
  • Unlike Brokaw and Gephardt, Jack Tanner has gotten noticeably grayer in the four electoral cycles since he entered the Democratic presidential primaries as an imaginary candidate, trekking from New Hampshire to the Atlanta convention, where his candidacy flamed out.
  • Originally airing on HBO, the series followed the campaign of Democratic hopeful Sen . Jack Tanner ( Michael Murphy ) as he crossed paths with other candidates such as Jesse Jackson, Gary Hart and the eventual nominee, Michael Dukakis.
  • Reilly smiles as Jack Tanner does toward the end of " Man and Superman, " when he realizes that despite his wit, intelligence, and persuasiveness, he's still going to lose the battle of the sexes.
  • He and Ms . Wilton, who was his second wife, later starred in a full-length production of " Man and Superman " at the National Theater, with Massey authoritative in the demanding central role of Jack Tanner.
  • WITH : Kim Basinger ( Jessica Martin ); Chris Evans ( Ryan ); Jason Statham ( Ethan ); Eric Christian Olsen ( Chad ); Noah Emmerich ( Jack Tanner ); William H . Macy ( Sergeant Bob Mooney ).
  • The verdict and damages were reinstated with a statement that " The Court found that U . S . District Court Judge, Jack Tanner, erred in " finding a conclusion contrary to the jury award " and sent instructions to reinstate the award.
  • In 1988, Altman taped six hours of his pioneering virtual soap opera, which tracked the fictional campaign of Jack Tanner ( Michael Murphy ) alongside those of the real presidential candidates, at a cost of $ 500, 000 per half-hour.
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