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jack tanuan造句

  • In 1993, Swift traded Jack Tanuan, Ricric Marata and Andy De Guzman for Sta.
  • At the same time, their championship was dedicated to their former player, Jack Tanuan who died in April 4, 2002 after battling a kidney disease.
  • Strothers'PBA campaign took off in the wrong foot when he got involved in an ugly brawl with Mobiline's Jack Tanuan during a pre-tournament game.
  • During the season's second round of elimination, the Slashers roster underwent a major revamp following the exit of star center Jack Tanuan, who suffered a kidney disease which left him blind in the right eye.
  • In 1986, Crispa-Floro took their first attempt to return to Philippine basketball after the disbandment of their pro ballclub in 1984, by joining the National Seniors tournament early that year, the players that made up the Redmanizers lineup includes Glenn Capacio, Eric Altamirano and Jack Tanuan, who would all become members of the national team for the Asian Games, and among others; Ato Agustin, Jeffrey Graves and Adriano Polistico.
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