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  • In 2013 the UK TV Network Dave launched Crackanory as an adult version Jackanory.
  • He appeared on the children's television series " Jackanory ".
  • He worked on the BBC children's TV series " Jackanory ".
  • In 1966, Roberts read five seafaring stories on the BBC children's programme Jackanory.
  • Presently, Martin is a reader on " Jackanory Junior " every Sunday on CBeebies.
  • She made several radio programs with the BBC and even appeared on " Jackanory ".
  • Unlike other episodes of " Jackanory " these were recorded in front of an audience of schoolchildren.
  • After it was broadcast on " Jackanory ", the BBC decided to make an animated series.
  • She also read the Mrs . Pepperpot books on the children's series " Jackanory ".
  • The books had, previously, regularly been serialised in Jackanory, where they were read by the actor Bernard Holley.
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  • During the 1970s the BBC children's television show Jackanory serialised the two books, which were read by Willie Rushton.
  • In 1967, Susanne Hart was one of the readers in the BBC children's television series " Jackanory ".
  • Ted Ray appeared on television reading on " Jackanory " ( a children's programme ) in the 1960s and 1970s.
  • He also holds the distinction of being the first storyteller on the BBC children's programme " Jackanory " in 1965.
  • Singleton-Turner began his directing career in 1974 on the long-running story-telling programme, " Jackanory ".
  • The novel was adapted for the children's television series " Jackanory " in 1978, with Ian McKellen as the reader.
  • A spin-off series was " Jackanory Playhouse " ( 1972 85 ), which was a series of thirty-minute dramatisations.
  • In 1967 five Worzel Gummidge stories were narrated by Gordon Rollings in five episodes of the BBC children's serial " Jackanory ".
  • In 1993 Malik narrated Salman Rushdie's " Haroun and the Sea of Stories " on BBC television's " Jackanory ".
  • Shortly after the release of this track, Phil Din left the band and was for a brief period replaced by'Jackanory'John McCallum on drums.
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