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  • Enthusiastic , dynamic jackaroos were busy preparing on the stage
  • How jackaroo how to write , include time , place , working content , impressional result and experience are waited a moment ! zhu shunli
  • Can jackaroo to accountant thing place , not pay is possible also , can raise your accountant objective level very quickly so , apply for a job in the future very convenient
  • Through the songs , magic and opusculum , with a witty humor way , three jackaroos displayed their colorful life , and the heart beating in those elite young brilliant who engaged in rigorous work
  • The origins of norforce go back to the second world war , when a rag - tag group of jackeroos , gold prospectors and adventurers teamed up with aboriginal trackers in what was known as the north australia observer unit
    譯文: “非武力組織”的歷史可以追溯到二戰期間,那時候一群衣衫襤褸的新手、淘金者、探險者同土著人一起組成了所謂的澳大利亞北部觀察者小隊。
  • When i was a jackaroo and collected japanese dao many years ago , and i also collect common ming and qing dynasty dao jian . from 2006 , i fix on collecting hing ancient weapon ( spend a few money but research a lot ) , then i will go on
    幾年前入門的時候以日本刀開始,這兩年兼及普通明清刀劍.從06年起,我的收藏方向確定為高古鐵兵了(花錢不多但研究空間大) ,以后我要沿著這條路走
  • It's difficult to see jackaroo in a sentence. 用jackaroo造句挺難的
如何用jackaroo造句,用jackaroo造句,jackaroo in a sentence, 用jackaroo造句和jackaroo的例句由查查漢語詞典提供,版權所有違者必究。