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jackass 3造句

  • Jackass 3 : The Next Generation takes place in Union City, PA and is a Steve-O Inc . film.
  • He then confirmed it again on Radio Bam on September 21, 2009 . In early December, Knoxville confirmed that " Jackass 3 " was being made.
  • In September 2009, Margera revealed to " Iltalehti ", a Finnish newspaper, that a " Jackass 3 " would be made and filmed in places like Mongolia, South Africa and Finland as well as the United States starting in January 2010.
  • With a patented stadium style configuration of 91 seats, the Cinetransformer debuted as the world's first 3D mobile cinema at Comic Con in 2010 with the release of Jackass 3 in 3D . It was chosen again in 2011 to debut Final Destination 5 In 3D.
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