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  • The Coesfeld St . Jacobikirche dates from the same period as the city charter.
  • In 1720 Johann Sebastian Bach applied for a post at the Jacobikirche, but withdrew the application after acquainting himself with the local circumstances.
  • Many of Schnitger's landmark instruments were actually rebuilds or expansions of existing organs ( as at St . Jacobikirche, Hamburg, a renovation and enlargement of an earlier instrument by Fritzsche, 1635 ).
  • In particular, the organ at the Jacobikirche, Hamburg, played a pivotal role in the organ reform movement beginning in 1925, as a series of conferences taking place at historical organ sites in Germany and Alsace was inaugurated there.
  • Bach first visited the church in the summer of 1701 and played here again in October / November 1720 when he auditioned for the post of organist at the nearby Jacobikirche; his Fantasy and Fugue in G minor, BWV 542 dates to this occasion.
  • Notable examples of his work still in use include the organ at St . Pancratiuskirche, Neuenfelde, Hamburg ( completed in 1688, his largest two-manual instrument ); St . Jacobikirche, Hamburg ( perhaps the most famous surviving Schnitger organ, completed in 1693 ).
  • Marshall spent the spring of 2005 on sabbatical in Pistoia, Italy, where she researched early Italian organ music and performed on many historical organs, including those in Roskilde Cathedral ( Denmark ), the St . Laurenskerk, Alkmaar ( Netherlands ), the Jacobikirche Hamburg, as well as the famous Zacharias Hildebrandt instrument in Naumburg, Germany, which Bach examined in 1746.
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