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ta yue造句

  • They had joined the displaced Sacaraulois in their south-westerely movements or else they were also displaced by the invading hordes of the Ta Yue-chis.
  • Some scholars tend to link the Rishikas of Mahabharata with the Tukharas and the latter with the Kushanas and the " Ta Yue-chis " themselves.
  • But according to Mahabharata, the Transoxian Pamirs and regions north of it as far as Fargana are known to have been the habitat of the allied tribes of " the Lohas, the Parama Kambojas, the Rishikas " etc . Thus, broadly speaking, the Persian term Haumavarga applied probably to the " Saka proper " as well as the " Lohas and Parama Kambojas and Rishikas " tribes settled north of Oxus etc . In all probability, this settlement of the " Haumavarga Sakas " finds numerous references as Shakas in ancient Indian texts and are known to have been closely associated with the Kambojas ( or Parama Kambojas ) etc . This was same the people who had formed the constituent of the Kamboja army of Ta Yue-chi or " Great Yue-chi ".
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