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  • Specification for ta2o5 films for use in piezoelectric devices
  • Influence of ta2o5 on electrical properties of doped tio2 varistor ceramics
  • Influence of ta2o5 on semi-conductivity properties tio2-based varistor
  • Variation of morphology amp; amp; composition of iro2 ta2o5 coated titanium anode in oer
  • Study on ti anode with iro2-ta2o5 coating containing platinum-tistanium alloy intermedium
  • The dissertations focus on the preparation, electrical properties of ta2o5 and how to improve its insulation properties
  • The work mainly focuses on the study of electrical properties of ta2o5 . the conduction and breakdown mechanism of the films were tested and studied
  • Tantalum oxide ( ta2o5 ) attracts more attentions because of its high dielectric constant, stable thermal and chemical properties . it might become the most promising candidate high constant dielectric thin films applied in industries
  • The results indicate that the two layer antireflection coating of ta2o5 / sio2 could achieve the aim of low reflectance in the broad wave band by the optimization . numerous experiments and a series of testing have been carried out
  • A comparison of the optical and mechanical performance is made between with iad and without iad . the researched thin films includes monolayer thin films and multilayer thin films . 1 . the research of monolayer thin films in the paper, three mololayer thin films-tio2 ta2o5 nb2o5 oxide dielectric thin films are studied
  • It's difficult to see ta2o5 in a sentence. 用ta2o5造句挺難的
  • The materials of antireflection films are mgf2, si3n4, ta2o5 etc, these materials also have many disadvantages themselves . sio2, tio2 are the good materials as antireflection films, and tio2 have characteristics of photocatalytic, self-cleaning and antifogging films and so on . this paper aims to study antireflection films for solar cells
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