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  • About the " ta-ta-ta-Taaa " : Beethoven begins with eight notes.
  • The TAAA flag symbolizes the honor of the Turkish Armed Forces and the willingness to sacrifice themselves and win more victories in the name of the motherland.
  • /T / THoliday travelers are getting some relief this Christmas in the form of lower gas prices . / TAAA Auto Club South reports that gas prices dropped 15 to 20 cents per gallon since October.
  • The advertising sector include the Turkish Association of Advertising Agencies ( TAAA ) ( " Reklamc1lar Dernei " ), Association of Advertisers ( " Reklamverenler Dernei " ) and IAA Turkey ( International Advertising Association ).
  • Established in August 2007, "'Tahquitz High School "'( Taaa-Quits ) is a high school of approximately 1600 students on the northwestern side of Hemet, California operated by the Hemet Unified School District.
  • Indeed, we discover soon enough that the double " ta-ta-ta-Taaa " is an open-ended beginning, not a closed and self-sufficient unit ( Misunderstanding of this opening was nurtured by a nineteenth-century performance tradition in which the first five measures were read as a slow, portentous exordium, the main tempo being attacked only after the second hold . ) What makes this opening so dramatic is the violence of the contrast between the urgency in the eighth notes and the ominous freezing of motion in the unmeasured long notes.
  • Statewide, the average for a gallon of regular unleaded declined 8.4 cents to $ 1.928 . / TThe average is $ 1.863 a gallon in the Tampa Bay area . / TAAA spokesman Gregg Laskoski attributed the drop to a decline in crude oil prices and a return by oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico to full production after hurricanes slowed drilling in August and September . / T " The increase in holiday travel is not really related to gasoline prices, but it is something that's favorable to consumers, " Laskoski said . " For people worried about gas prices or on a fixed income, then obviously the low prices are a good thing . " / TGas costs are still 45 to 50 cents higher than last year . / TMotorists filling up said they hoped the declines signal a long trend of falling prices . / T " It will help when all the Christmas bills, the Visa bills, start coming in in January, " said Bradenton's Ken Webe, who was filling up his convertible Wednesday at the Citgo station at Manatee Avenue and 47th Street West . " It can cost 40 to 50 dollars for the truck.
  • It's difficult to see taaa in a sentence. 用taaa造句挺難的
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