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tab show造句

"tab show"是什么意思  
  • Tab shows the execution progress of the package
  • This tab shows a more advanced use of regular expressions
  • This tab shows results from calling
  • The modules tab shows the dlls in use by our java process , as in figure 9
    Modules選項卡顯示了java進程所用的dll ,如圖9所示。
  • The processes tab shows the most detailed information , as illustrated in figure 2
  • Or using the shortcut , ctrl s . the data output view s messages tab shows the data was inserted successfully
    或使用快捷鍵ctrl + s保存編輯器。 data output視圖的messages選項卡顯示數據插入成功。
  • As you can see from the security preferences tab shown in figure 2 , users can select their notes id file and supply the password
    正如圖2中security preferences附簽中顯示的,用戶可以選擇他們的notes id文件并輸入密碼:
  • First , the toolbar that appears along the top right tab shows an icon for each perspective that s currently open , such as the web perspective
  • For example , if you have written a custom control that has different tabs showing different information , in order for that control to work as expected , the control needs to know which tab is selected between round trips
  • It's difficult to see tab show in a sentence. 用tab show造句挺難的
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