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  • She basked in the prosperity of the school like a purring tabby cat .
  • Eve made friends with her pet tortoise in the grass or romped with the black cat or with the tabby cat .
  • Eileen : tabby , come and see what ' s on tv , quick
  • The following is tabby wrinkle silk on the maintenance knowledge
  • Peach skin twill tabby plain
  • I think it was a tabby
  • White line " problem in tabby wrinkle of silk as transparent as serious
  • Tabby wrinkle of silk
  • Peach skin tabby
  • The loud humming heard by most sighters of ufos is , in fact , the purring of several hundred tabbies
  • It's difficult to see tabby in a sentence. 用tabby造句挺難的
  • After all , like velvet , tissue - transparent hard wrinkles silk yarn or tabby this is not " normal " fabric
  • I know i wouldntwantto lose maggie , my collie , or lucy , my tabby cat , to a fire , carbonmonoxide poisoning or lord knows what else
    我就不希望在火災、一氧化碳中毒或其它災難中失去我養的蘇格蘭牧羊犬麥奇和虎斑貓露西。 ”
  • " i know i would n ' t want to lose maggie , my collie , or lucy , my tabby cat , to a fire , carbon monoxide poisoning or lord knows what else .
    我就不希望在火災一氧化碳中毒或其它災難中失去我養的蘇格蘭牧羊犬麥奇和虎斑貓露西。 ”
  • Regardless of you whether has such official clothing , all the tabby wrinkle silk must have body type , and never will look to have surplus
    無論你是否有這樣的正式服裝或考究的禮服,平紋皺絲織品都必須要有“身型” ,并且從不會看起來有多余。
  • Also , after jkr describes the balls of lights speeding back to the lamps , she immediately brings up the tabby cat to shift the reader ' s attention away from the street lamps
    同樣的, jkr在描述火球迅速回到燈中之后,就立刻讓花斑貓出場一起把讀者的視線從路燈上轉移開。
  • Near the timberyard a squatted child at marbles , alone , shooting the taw with a cunnythumb . a wise tabby , a blinking sphinx , watched from her warm sill . pity to disturb them
    一只明察秋毫的母花貓,伊然是座眨巴著眼睛的斯芬克斯34 ,呆在暖洋洋的窗臺上朝這邊望著,不忍心打攪他們。
  • Mcgonagall is an animagus who can turn into a tabby cat at will . when a cat , she has markings around her eyes similar to the square glasses she wears ( ss1 )
    麥格是一個可以隨意變成一只花斑貓的阿尼馬格斯。當她是貓形時,她戴的那副方形眼鏡跟貓眼睛周圍的紋路一模一樣(魔法石,第1章) 。
  • Jim davis is the creator of the daily comic strip about the tiger - striped tabby with a mind for mischief and a taste for lasagna , he said he would not have it any other way
  • And there is the rub : even if they sit at the end of a chain of suppliers and manufacturers and merchants that begins 10 , 000 miles away in china , us companies can be held liable in us courts for tabby ' s suffering
  • The dark tabby transferred some of his own nine lives to his owner when a fire erupted in their shared apartment in a toronto suburb on thursday . the cat responded by jumping on the man and meowing loud enough to wake him up
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