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table book造句

"table book"是什么意思  
  • We need a new coffee - table book ,
  • We need a new coffee - table book , and a book of photos about the united states still feels right
  • The sand is just like it looks in the coffee table books - white - and surprised me with how soft it was on the feet
    沙灘上的細沙就象咖啡桌上畫報所展現的一樣? ?是純凈的白色,行走之上更會令你驚訝于這白沙的細軟。
  • Feng shui ( pronounced fung shway ) has been employed in the designs of high - rises , banks , even zoo exhibits , and has been popularized by countless coffee table books and tv shows
  • He goes into stores to browse , clothing stores where he slides his hand down the racks of shirts to feel the fabric , bookstores where he picks up glossy coffee table books and flips through them until he gets a paper cut on his index finger that he rubs at with his thumb for the rest of the day
  • It's difficult to see table book in a sentence. 用table book造句挺難的
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