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table knife造句

"table knife"是什么意思  
  • It seems to be a table knife of mongolian or other minorities
  • “ with two table knives ? ” kreiger said , slicing the air with his scythes “ go back to your bath and forget i was here
    “就用這兩把餐刀? ”克里奇揮舞著他的鐮刀問道。 “回去洗澡,就當你什么都沒看到。 ”
  • With a tip of toothipick you slide across the surface to create stripes or swirl the whole mixture with a table knife until it resembles a marbled effect
  • She sustained a stab wound on her left back shoulder . a pointed table knife with bloodstains was found on the ground about 20 feet from her
  • The sale of these items at all airport shops and the use of table knives with blade in catering outlets within the esra will also be banned . plastic knives , however , are permitted for meal services
  • The murdered man lay on the floor , his head leaning against the wall , and about him was a pool of blood which poured forth from three large wounds in his breast ; there was a fourth gash , in which a long table knife was plunged up to the handle
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