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table money造句

"table money"是什么意思  
  • The operation turned overt when the potential victim lost about $ 123 , 000 in the last game . seven men aged between 36 and 49 were arrested at scene . two sets of pokers , table money and betting slips amounting to about $ 130 , 000 together with several false name cards were seized
  • Officers of the organised crime and triad bureau mounted a surveillance operation against a gambling establishment believed to be triad - controlled two weeks before and raided the target at kwai chi path in ngau chi wan village shortly after 6 . 30 pm today . a total of 41 persons , including 12 men and 29 women , aged between 23 and 60 , were found playing baccarat inside the unit while $ 12 , 000 table money and chips with a face value of $ 150 , 000 were seized
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