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  • The continents form rugged tablelands which stand nearly three miles above the floor of the open ocean .
  • Practice of 3d seismic prospecting in shanxi loess tablelands
  • A study on surveying method in seismic prospecting in loess tableland
  • Commissioning of kl - 15a type oxygen - and nitrogen - producing vehicle at tableland
  • Late - glacial and holocene climate change recorded in loess profile in weibei loess tableland
  • Application of coalfield slalom seismic prospecting data acquisition technique in loess tableland
  • Variation and effective utilization of soil water in longxi loessial tableland gansu province
  • Study on characteristics of soil moisture and its use efficiency in dryland wheat in the loess tableland
  • The continents form rugged tablelands which stand nearly three miles above the floor of the open ocean
  • The protection function of sm salviamiltiorrhiza to the damage of the rat in the tableland by liver ischemic reperfusion
  • It's difficult to see tableland in a sentence. 用tableland造句挺難的
  • Characteristics of carbonate evaporation tableland edge deposition in early feixianguan epoch at hekou region of xuanhan in sichuan
  • Flintcomb - ash being in the middle of the cretaceous tableland over which no railway had climbed as yet , it would be necessary to walk
  • This article aimed to study how to improve the utilization of the water resources by applying the technology of filtration irrigation to the plowland croppers in the hills area of loess tableland
  • This paper introduces the system framework of the loess tableland data warehouse item , the hardware and software environment , and introduces particularly about the practical problem occurred in designing and the resolve method
  • Subsequently , the principles established in that work which was conducted in the relatively mild coastal climate , were taken into the tableland areas , where at altitudes of about 1000 m or more , low temperatures in the winter limit pasture and forage crop growth
  • That is , all the cities of the tableland and all the kingdom of sihon the king of the amorites , who reigned in heshbon and whom moses struck with the leaders of midian : evi and rekem and zur and hur and reba , the princes of sihon who inhabited the land
  • Through the rational utilization of the mountainous region , digging the mountain to fill out the ditch properly to form the plain and tableland with no uniform size , more and more residential communities can be constructed with the balance layout of buildings , the appropriate scale , the matching facilities , the perfect function and beautiful environment , which also can promote the health , coordination , sustainable development of city
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