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  • “ i ' d like to present this special banner and certificate recognizing your impressive achievement , ” giay told the group , the news sending a buzz through the audience members , who remarked to their tablemates how impressive the achievement was . “ thank you for your outstanding example , and please share our gratitude with the other members of your club , ” said giay , who then went on to issue yet another challenge to the club : to become the first rotary club with 100 percent membership in the arch c
    我很高興將這份特殊的獎旗及證書頒贈給你們,以表揚你們令人欽佩的成就, ?季愛雅告訴這人,而這項新聞透過在場的觀眾對同桌伴們談到對該成就是如何令人感動,就在一種喃喃的耳語中傳了開來。
  • It's difficult to see tablemate in a sentence. 用tablemate造句挺難的
如何用tablemate造句,用tablemate造句,tablemate in a sentence, 用tablemate造句和tablemate的例句由查查漢語詞典提供,版權所有違者必究。