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tablet box造句

"tablet box"是什么意思  
  • Its nest is feathered with soggy Kleenex and cold-tablet boxes.
  • A 24-tablet box is $ 4.97.
  • Detailed price lists _ with some products as inexpensive as $ 10 for a 20-tablet box _ and ordering information are available by e-mail.
  • Pick up Maximum Strength Allerest ( 24-tablet box, $ 3.99 ) at CVS, 3010 Centerville Road, Snellville ( 770-736-6512 ), or at Drug Emporium, 2320 Pleasant Hill Road, Duluth ( 770-623-9444 ).
  • Finally, Naram-Sin admonishes future rulers, describing his warning to them to heed the omens of the gods, recorded on a stela in a tablet box which he left in the Emeslam, Nergal's temple in Kutha, to protect themselves but at all costs to avoid or appease the hordes of Enlil.
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