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tabloid journalism造句

"tabloid journalism"是什么意思  
  • In the third part , tabloid journalism is reconsidered
  • Currently , the thesis on tabloid journalism which is popular in western countries consists of three main part : in the first part , the term " tabloid journalism " is defined , and the history of this kind of journalism is sketched
  • Usually by an sensational way in order to satisfy the demands of audience for information and entertainment . from its birth , tabloid journalism has experienced several periods of high tides : the era of penny newspapers in 1930s and 1940s ; the era of yellow journalism in late 19th century ; the era of jazz journalism in 1920s " and contemporary time
  • They are two wheels of journalism that push the history forwards . second , as a branch of popular culture , tabloid journalism is the symbolic resources for its audience to produce their rebellious meaning , which may serve as a kind of power in shaking the dominant ideology , but this kind of rebellion cannot get into the political economic sphere
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