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  • Fashion writer Shane Watson coined a collective noun, " waggery ".
  • He expresses himself in an unexpected, waggery with more erudite influences such as Petrarch.
  • In this text the concept is called a " iugling booke " ( " juggling book " ) or " booke for Waggery ".
  • No waggery about any of this, particularly if one lives the loneliness of a writer's life and depends on putting words on paper for a living.
  • Contemporary accounts called Rice " the Democritus of the sawdust, " the " prince of waggery " _ and the " excruciating jester ."
  • And it's precisely because Greg loves Pam that all the waggery in the first film hinged on the disapproval that her father, Jack ( Robert De Niro ), rained down on the dark head of her then boyfriend, now fiance.
  • The waggery becomes evident in the film when two of the Yes Men, Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno, show up in Tampere, Finland, for an August 2001 trade conference called " Textiles of the Future . " The Yes Men had been invited by conference organizers, who, on visiting the activists'Web site, believed they were contacting the real World Trade Organization.
  • It's difficult to see waggery in a sentence. 用waggery造句挺難的
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